I’ve been in the advertising/communications/marketing biz for nearly 20 years, and I’ve evolved with the times. Through it all, my drive and dedication hasn’t changed. I’ve written television commercials and social media content. I’ve developed brand campaigns and corporate communications strategies. I’ve built, developed, and led teams in a landscape that continues to shift and evolve. I’m skilled at creative direction, understanding consumer insights and behavior, and have piloted successful immersive experiences and campaigns as a result.
That’s the what. Now here’s the how. Buckle up.
I’ve been a content contributor for an online local nightlife and entertainment site; a senior copywriter/social media strategist and creative lead for a boutique marketing firm; a social media director and integrated strategist for Fortune 500 brands and retailers; a manager of insights and an executive editor for the research and innovation unit at one of the world’s largest media investment groups, overseeing the editorial and content strategy for a quarterly publication which provided me the privilege of working with some of the industry's best and brightest. It also allowed me to interface with some of the world’s most innovative companies, including Buzzfeed, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, The Futures Company and Vox Media
I then put these past experiences to work at one of St. Louis’ largest full-service advertising agencies, serving as a corporate communications manager. I guided the company through a global rebrand, and oversaw the development and rollout of a revamped social media strategy across third-party platforms. I was also responsible for crafting all internal communications, ensuring messaging was delivered to employees and the public in a timely manner.
What else, what else…oh, I served as an associate content director and lead strategist at digital-centric ad agency, using my extensive background in brand management, consumer behavior, customer experience, content development, research (both primary and secondary), technology and social media to help shape communications across the digital spectrum for a Fortune 500 global farm science brand and provided leadership to a team of content managers.
I was also entrusted with guiding the creative development and production management of campaign assets for large brand campaigns with a leading global car rental company as a senior creative marketing specialist. One of those campaigns was an overarching brand campaign, positioning the automotive rental and leasing provider as a reliable partner during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
And now? I'm a content strategist / marketing writer at one of the world's leading fintech companies, developing high quality content (manuals, communications, online help/web content, release documents, presentations, and e-learning courses) for multichannel distribution for business customers.
Personal: I'm passionate about iPhone photography, Twitter, and sports. 
Anything else? You're going to have to ask!

- 30 -
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