Since the 1960s, BMW has been a brand synonymous with sporting luxury in a crowded automotive landscape. Over the course of the last two decades, the German automaker has extended its reach into other segments of the market, entering both the compact car (MINI) and sport utility vehicle (SUV) segments. With its launch of the X5 sport utility vehicle (SUV) in 1999, BMW boldly departed from their roots. In addition to crafting luxury sedans with the sports enthusiast in mind, they produced a vehicle that leveraged decades of fine craftsmanship and engineering, turning the burgeoning utility segment upside down with its release.
A win-win: Deliver an integrated marketing campaign that appeals to both the young and the young-at-heart and raise money for a local or national cause.. This campaign concept aimed to create awareness for the all-new 2018 BMW X2 by showcasing its design details which underscores the distinctive character of the newest entry into the subcompact SUV class.
The Road Map
Since customers will have had limited exposure to the brand-new X2 at launch, the campaign directed people to a dealership to experience the SUV for themselves. With this in mind, the marketing tied into BMW’s “Drive for a Cause” initiative, a fundraiser that turns vehicle test-drives into charitable donations.
To do so, I created an integrated brand strategy through five content vehicles: social media, a mobile app, public relations, email marketing and via a microsite.
The Pace Car: Paid Social Media
Today’s social media landscape is filled with a lot of noise. In order to cut through that and deliver information in a meaningful way, I developed and strategized campaign focused on messaging backed by paid advertising and steered users to site destinations and app downloads. 
Instagram Ads
The strategy behind the Instagram campaign: charity-inspired posts & hashtags backed by paid promotion. #BMWDriveForACause, #BMWX2 gave users ability to follow along with like-minded consumers and keep them engaged.
Drive #BMWDriveForACause Signups
Video Storytelling
Promote App Downloads
Facebook Ads
The robust, yet simple Facebook campaign strategy featured video, app download prompts and event invitations, each supported by paid promotion on a personal, hyperlocal level.
Drive #BMWDriveForACause event Awareness & SignUps
Video Storytelling
Promote App Downloads

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