What my colleagues and collaborators have to say about me...

"I was extremely fortunate to have someone as talented as Sean spearhead the social media department at Stealth Creative. Sean is one of those rare individuals who immediately visualizes big-picture strategies and understands how the rights tactics with the right tone and messaging work together to achieve common business goals. Not only does Sean untiringly keep on the pulse of relevant trends for multiple clients, he’s one of the best editors with which I’ve ever had the pleasure of working. During our time together, Sean consistently exceeded my expectations and drove exceptional results for our clients." 
Joe Duffin, VP, Integrated Strategy
"Sean 'Papa' Connors is the kind of goto person every team needs; someone who works to find answers to difficult questions, stays current on the latest trends in his craft, and plays very well with others. Sean is an excellent writer with a memory like an elephant and an uncanny reserve of sports trivia. He's a great editor, experienced and competent writer, social media expert and consistent manager." 
Stephen Howell, VP & Agency Director
"Each time Sean and I collaborated on projects, he possessed strong leadership skills and always had his team focused and prepared. His big-picture approach helped deliver not only quality work, but often exceeded client expectations. Sean also brings something to the table you don’t see very often: an innovative digital and social media thought leader who is also a skilled writer and strategist with a creative mindset." 
-- Chris Westmeyer, Agency Owner
"In working with Sean directly, I've found that he has an uncanny ability to make others better. Whether he is proofing copy or leading strategy discussions, Sean's work is always of the highest quality. A polished, detail-oriented approach attends each of his tasks. Additionally, Sean's loyalty to his employer and colleagues is admirable, to say the least. Whether the expertise needed is in copywriting, social media or digital content creation, Sean is truly an asset to the team." 
— Mark Baldridge, Senior Account Manager
"Sean is an extremely intelligent and savvy digital marketing hybrid. By "hybrid" I mean that he can do the following: Strategy, Content, Research, Lead, and my favorite, Write. His diverse background also makes him a unique character who's dabbled and conquered social and digital platforms throughout the past decade+. 
Let's also not forget his great attitude and ability to work directly with clients. In other words, whatever his role on the team, he delivers a healthy amount of added value. If you're even considering hiring someone like Sean, stop thinking about it and drop him a note right now. Setup that meeting. It'll be worth your time."
— Eammon Azizi, Associate Creative Director
"There are few people I would rather have working on a team with me than Sean. He is impeccably organized and he is always working to learn more and to share that knowledge with the people around him. In doing so, Sean not only improves his own work, but makes everyone around him a better employee. I would recommend Sean to any organization that is lucky enough to have him, in marketing, project management, or any other field that he chooses."
— Michael Dowd, COO
"When I started working [with him], Sean was assigned to show me the ropes. Not only was he incredibly helpful and welcoming, but, quite simply, he was somebody who was good at his job and who I hope to emulate. He's an excellent writer and capable of writing in different tones according to the needs of different clients. What impresses me most with his attention to detail and vision; before beginning a project, he always has ideas about where a particular blog post should go and what small details and word choice would make it all come together. Sean consistently produces great work and can be counted on to always bring new ideas and insight to the table, and I truly feel my time with him ... has been educational."
— Shannon Miller, Product Lead
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