NEXT, a GroupM NEXT quarterly interactive publication serving GroupM agencies and their clients, delivered long-form consumer insights and viewpoints in the rapidly changing technology driven world around us. While serving as Executive Editor, I was responsible for sourcing and synthesizing information and data points, and translating them into actionable insights that told compelling stories. In addition, I managed the overall production process, ensuring that deliverables such as written content and visuals were aligned and delivered in conjunction with an outlined calendar.
This particular issue, which focused on the cyclical nature of consumer perceptions on emerging technologies, the innovation exchange brands make, programmatic's affects on the Internet of Things (IoT) in our daily lives, consumer privacy, and emerging tech companies to track, was published in April, 2015

 Consumer Insights, Consumer Behavior, Content Development, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Editorial, Technology
consumer insights, consumer behavior, content development, copywriting, creative direction, editorial, technology
Due to copyright concerns, the full contents of this issue are only available upon request..

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